Terms of Use/Privacy Policy


Protecting the privacy of users of our products and services is important to Staff Brokers. We makes use of any personal information you provide to us only for the purposes outlined in this policy.

This policy also does not apply to any information that you may provide directly to third parties including via third-party sites linked to Staff Brokers’ website. ¬†While we actively seek to ensure that our suppliers and service providers maintain high standards regarding the protection of personal information collected on their websites, Staff Brokers is not responsible for the privacy practices employed by such sites.

Information We Collect

If you are a non-customer, the only information Staff Brokers collects from you is your email. We will never sell, borrow, or trade the email addresses in our possession to any other company for the purpose of contacting you regarding commercial services. If you are a Staff Brokers customer or we collect only the information necessary to provide our services.