Agents & Brokers

Staff Brokers was founded in order to provide insurance agents, financial advisors, and CPA’s one point of entry into the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Industry. Staff Brokers has over 30 years of experience in evaluating PEOs and determining which PEOs are capable of working with the independent professional sales agents, while providing superior services to each individual client. Staff Brokers has relationships with multiple PEOs who each have their own niche, providing agents and brokers with multiple options when contracting with prospective clients.

The goal of Staff Brokers is to recruit agents and help educate them about the PEO industry. Staff Brokers will contract with the agent directly and will be the agent’s point of contact while the agent learns the sales process and PEO product. Staff Brokers can provide agents and brokers with multiple PEO companies giving the agent a variety of options when looking for the best solution for a particular client.

Staff Broker’s unique concept of independent agents marketing multiple PEO’s will change the level of professionalism representing PEOs and give your clients someone who is truly in their corner.

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