About Us

Staff Brokers, Inc. was formed shortly after current President and CEO Marty Gray found himself working for a dishonest Professional Employer Organization (PEO).  Soon after resigning from that company he came to the realization that both clients and insurance agents needed a place where they could get an honest independent opinion of which PEO was best suited to meet their specific needs.  After building a handful of relationships with several different PEOs, Staff Brokers was formed.

Since that time Staff Brokers has been an independent wholesale provider of PEO services to both clients and insurance agents all over the United States, helping them find the best quality PEO provider for the specific needs of each particular client.  Staff Brokers has over 30 years of experience in evaluating clients’ needs and bringing them together with the PEO best suited to meet those needs.


To learn more about how Staff Brokers can help your business, Call us toll-free 1.877.416.0668, or request a free quote.